Mad Cravings Inc. aims to provide its customers with easy access to their cravings and the perfect ambience to remove the daily stress from work, family, or life itself.

To CRAVE means to intensely desire for something. It could be food, love, attention, friendship, money, travel, adventure, or anything you really want to have, do, or experience. Mad Cravings Inc. tells you that it’s OKAY to follow your heart’s DESIRES.

Announcement of Winners

First Winner: June 20

Second Winner: June 27

Winners will be announced via our Facebook Page.

Contest Prize:

  • 1 Piece 9 inches Creamy Premium Durian Pie
  • 1 Piece 9 inches Delicious Buko Pie
  • 1 Piece 9 inches Home-made Egg Pie

The Triple Pie Delight is worth Php 998.00 and we will be choosing 2 winners for this contest.

The winners will be selected electronically (at random). You will gain 1 extra entry for every friend you referred who joined the contest as well. 

Do you want to order the pies instead? No problem!

Call or text us on this number: 0917 581 0460 or message us on facebook!